5.8 What Are The Laws About Boats…?

If you wish to operate a marine radio out of your boat, you want a station

license. Generally a license software is packaged with every radio set,

and all radio dealers carry applications. If you are licensing any marine

radios, the first will likely be a VHF set for “local” communications ( <30 miles)

with 2-25 watt output. Marine radios must be “type accepted” which

means you can not build it yourself, or modify a CB, commercial, or ham

set. Pleasure boaters do not need a radio operator’s license. (wv)

In general, boat registration laws and fees vary from state to state.

Usually a boat dealer or the local state police detachment is a good

starting point for specifics. (wv)

Because of the extensive media attention, Lindbergh allowed a mediator, Dr. John Condon, to negotiate with the kidnapper. After a series of five notes, Condon met with the kidnapper and gave him $50,000 for information. Condon was told that the baby could be found on a boat off the New York harbor. But an extensive search revealed neither the boat nor baby Charles.

– A photo copy of a government document that states your official name

– A photo copy of your original card

– Your current complete mailing address and physical address if it is different than your mailing address Telephone number including area code

– Send the above to BETTER BOATING SAFE BOAT TRAINING® 1 Wexford Road Unit 9, P.O. Box #44083 Brampton Ontario L6Z 2W1

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