Access To Your Boat Your Littoral Rights

Although shoreline residents must share the public trust area with their fellow residents, every coastal property proprietor enjoys distinctive legal rights by virtue of owning waterfront land. Just as an upland property proprietor has the appropriate to entry a public street, a coastal property proprietor has an unique proper to access navigable water from his or her property. This coastal proper of entry is named a “littoral” or “riparian” right. Technically, “riparian” applies to rivers while “littoral” applies to coastal waters, but the phrases are sometimes used interchangeably. The littoral proper of entry offers the property proprietor affordable entry to the water from his or her property. Affordable access can be achieved by launching a ship immediately from the shore, by use of a mooring, or by constructing a dock appropriate for the site conditions and права на трамбовочную машину properly permitted by DEEP and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Littoral access does not imply a right to build no matter dimension dock or wharf a property owner wishes, nor does it imply that a littoral proprietor might routinely exclude boats or moorings from the waters in entrance of his or her property.

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