City Visitors Police, Lahore

– Motorcycle Renewal price & fine for 5 years, Rs. 500

– Motor Car Renewal charge & superb for five years, Rs. 750

– Bike Rickshaw Renewal charge and high quality for 5 years, Rs. 500

– LTV Renewal price & fine for five years, Rs. 750

– HTV Renewal fee & positive for купить водительские права категории д five years Rs. 1000

Despite the yearly expenditures of tooling dollars, Chrysler’s market-main compacts had not been completely redesigned since 1967. Thus, as initially planned, the 1972 compacts were to be all-new, and the Plymouth and Dodge exterior studios had ready engaging Darts, Valiants, Dusters, and Demons with softer lines and rounder body sections.

Dr. Carpenter falls in love with Sister Michelle Gallagher, played by healthful Mary Tyler Moore, but Sister Michelle’s true vocation stays unknown to Dr. Carpenter. Sister Michelle additionally has emotions for the physician, but she is reluctant to depart the order. The movie concludes with Sister Michelle getting into a church to pray for guidance to make her alternative — the church or Dr. Carpenter.

1. FULL Identify.

2. Photo size three by four cm.

3. Personal signature, equivalent to the signature in the passport.

4. Information on the place and date of start and registration.

5. 12 months of situation and validity interval.

6. Difficulty quantity.

7. Name and stamp of the authority that issued the document.

8. Categories of automobiles (for instance, category B).

9. Different info (for example, driving with glasses).