D&D: Greatest Homebrew Races

Dryads are certain to timber, and they won’t age as lengthy as the tree is alive. As soon as the tree is destroyed, they slowly wither away for a 12 months till they die or an archdruid or archfey bounds their soul to a brand new tree. This could possibly be an fascinating plot hook and private quest for a dryad character.

This text provides you with a glance on the races as they seem in the varied sourcebooks and supplements. They’re organized by source. Every entry offers a snippet concerning the flavor you may count on from each race, and a rundown of that race’s distinctive characteristics. Every race has a class or two which synergizes effectively with their innate abilities to offer them an edge in combat, social conditions, and/or exploration.

Drow Magic:

In alternate for their weakness to sunlight, Drow acquire access to racial magic in the form of dancing lights, faerie fireplace, and darkness.Drow Weapon Training:

As with most elf d&d 5e races, you acquire proficiency with martial weapons, representative of a lifetime of study and training. Drow are proficient with rapiers, short swords, and hand crossbows.

Forest gnome – +1 dex, is aware of the minor illusionist cantrip, can talk with small beasts through gestures and sounds

Rock gnome – +1 con, “Artificer’s Lore” allows you to double your proficiency bonus for History checks related to technological, alchemical, or magical gadgets. “Tinker” capability allows you to make small mechanical objects reminiscent of clockwork toys, hearth beginning devices, music boxes, and others.

Deep gnome – the rarest of gnome subraces. +1 dex, darkvision of one hundred twenty ft instead of 60, “stone camouflage” offers the deep gnome advantage on stealth checks to cover in rocky areas