Exclusive Interview: Guild Wars Unveils Hearts Of The North

Alongside the strains of the costumes we’ve released previously, the new costumes are going to be available through the web store. Costumes have confirmed to be a incredible microtransaction merchandise for us — they’re completely elective, so players ought to by no means feel obligated to purchase them (though we appreciate it when they do), and they also supply some distinctive looks to gamers that want them. It is a purpose of ours to not delve into the realm that different on-line video games have — selling things that feel required to play the sport. Microtransactions are becoming more prevalent inside the web gaming world as a whole, and they help the Live Crew continue to exist and offer new content material to the player. Just because that could be a truth, does not imply we have to pursue issues in a method that might alienate the very gamers we’re trying to maintain!

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What can I say — as soon as I re-familiarized myself with the basic gameplay (including the ever-essential collecting and using of boost, and boost jumping) I used to be having a blast. The tracks are white-knuckle rides, brimming with their own personality, dynamic set items and specific challenges, not to mention a wealth of shortcuts.

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