How Do Helicopters Film Crab Boats In Rough Weather?

Throughout storms, helicopter pilots additionally have to deal with sturdy winds and heavy rain. The electronics in helicopters are notoriously susceptible to moisture, купить права на гидромолот so they’re often treated with particular compounds that protect relays and connections from corrosion. For filming, a helicopter can have a special digital camera dome mounted below the cockpit. This camera is controlled remotely by the camera operator as the pilot steers the aircraft.

The grille lost its “frog legs” ornament, however the new wheel covers, with their “salt-and-pepper shaker” middle holes, had been an enchancment. (These understated wheel covers have been disfigured in subsequent years by black traces that divided the floor into wedges, the result of an unfavorable response to the original design in a client clinic.) But it was the 340 that acquired most of the eye.

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