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Semi-straddle stackers can handle heavier duty staking duties than manual ones. It comes in different sizes and specifications, most of that are built-in with top-of-the-line features which might be essential in providing you protected, easy, and efficient use of your equipment. Semi-straddle stackers will be operated manually as you want or, electronically, utilizing constructed-in rechargeable batteries.

1 year ago

– AC drive motor Schabmuller

– Reducer ZF

– Rader Vogel or Wicke drive wheel

– Zapi controller

– Intorq electromagnetic brake

– Rema control knob with CAN-BUS know-how

– Hydraulic station VIBO or HPI

– Built-in platform and handrail design

– Redesigned platform cushioning system

– Safety handrails and folding operator platform

– EPS – Electric Steering for купить водительские права категории в PS20N

– Steel battery cowl

Stackers are used in areas with restricted areas like narrow warehouse aisles. Because of the stackers smaller design operators have a better visibility when dealing with goods and stock. These are a cheap answer compared to the choice, a forklift. Stackers are perfect for indoor use and simply transfer in constrained areas.