Uber Still Cannot Have Vehicles In London, However It Is Shopping For A Ferry On The Thames

Uber might have lost its license to operate automobiles on the streets of London, купить права на автопогрузчик however that isn’t stopping the company from providing a boat service. The Thames Clipper commuter service will quickly be rebranded Uber Boat, and will probably be bookable through the Uber app, The Guardian experiences. As part of the deal, Uber will buy the naming rights for the Thames Clipper’s 20 river boats and piers from Putney to Woolwich.

Recreational boat operators might have their boating licenses suspended or revoked. Repeat offenders may face greater consequences, as do boaters convicted of BUI whereas minors have been on board, or who gave alcohol or drugs to minors on the watercraft. Your driver’s license could also be affected by a BUI conviction.

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